How to spot fake Instagram likes and followers?

Instagram is a popular social media platform worldwide. Individuals and businesses can use it to showcase their products and talents, connect with followers, and grow their following. However, with its growing popularity comes the rise of fake Instagram likes and followers. Fake likes and followers can harm your account’s credibility and affect your engagement rate.

Look out for sudden spikes in likes/followers

The easiest ways to detect fake likes and followers is by observing sudden spikes in numbers. A sudden spike in followers without significant changes to content or marketing strategy might indicate something fishy. A post with an unusually high number of likes suggests that someone is using bots or purchasing fake likes. Identify fake Instagram accounts by checking their profiles carefully. Fake accounts usually have incomplete bios or generic usernames like ‘user123’ or ‘best followers.’ They often lack profile pictures or have images that look too good to be true. Additionally, look at the follower-to-following ratio since many fake accounts tend to follow thousands but only have a handful of real followers themselves. Fake comments are another telltale sign that someone has purchased bot-generated engagement from services like “buy Instagram comments.” These responses sound impersonal or robotic with generic statements such as “Great post!” or “Keep up the excellent work!” Posting them often does not add value or context. Influencers and businesses that cater to a specific region should check their followers’ location tags. Your new followers are probably fake if they are from countries or regions unrelated to your content. For more detail, check out here

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Use third-party apps

Several third-party tools can help you detect fake Instagram likes and followers. These apps analyze your account and provide insights into the authenticity of the engagement rate. For example, Instagram Audit is an online tool that helps you identify how many of your followers are real or fake. It also lets you know if any bots are commenting on your posts. Avoid buying likes or followers since it can damage your brand’s reputation in the long run. Your audience will more likely engage with you if you consistently create quality content. By having an authentic audience, you can increase your engagement rate and build a loyal community that supports your brand or content. Additionally, Instagram has been cracking down on fake likes and followers by removing them from accounts periodically. If someone is caught using bots or purchasing fake engagements, they risk getting their account suspended or banned altogether.