Top Facts about Kayla Itsines and her Famous Guide

Australian trainer Kayla Itsines is almost everyone’s Instagram obsession at the moment. The strong, toned, and lean physique; bright yet beautiful food snaps; high energy workout videos make us feel like dropping our smart phones and hit the gym right away. She has helped numerous women lose their weight with tips, online workout plan and special tricks, her Instagram account has before and after snaps to prove that too! If one is in need of fit inspiration, here are enough justified reasons to follow her. Back in the days when she was hitting the gym, Kayla realized that most customers (who were all women), had a single desire, to look attractive and specifically to men. And for that to happen, those women had no other choice than build a bikini body.

What Do You Get With Kayla Itsines Workout?

Following the famous guide of Kayla Itsines, users can expect the following:

  • The users will need to carry physical exercises carefully and routinely. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, as, each and every exercise will not require over thirty minutes under any circumstances.
  • Unlike any other diet program, no calorie counting has been involved here in the Kayla Itsines program. Instead of counting how many calories one must be avoiding daily, Kayla makes it a point to urge her followers to keep a track of how many foods her followers have eaten. These foods cannot however be any food. They must be fat burner foods.

Expected Cost:  “Sweat with Kayla” application would come free for a week after the free trial approximately $19.99 a month. Furthermore, the 12 week workout e-book comes in $69.97 Australian, and about U.S $51. Readers can bundle it with the Itsines’ healthy eating plan for approximately $87 U.S.

What Else Should One Know:
You must have been wondering if it is appropriate for beginners. Not if one is totally out of shape. Bikini Body includes 4 weeks pre-training, but probably would need more than that for getting ready for rest of the plan. Users must start with basic fitness, such as brisk walking. If one is active, pre-training is enough to have them ready for what’d come next. This workout can be done anywhere at home as well, but one will need room for equipments. Hand weights, dumbbells or weighted “medicine” ball, jump rope, two benches or flat surface and foam roller for stretches are needed.