Time Clock Wizard

Features of the Right Clock Software

Tracking the work hours of your employees can help you easily perform this task and improve the performance of your payroll system. It can also help you keep track of any requests for weekends, holidays or sick leave, as well as general attendance records.

Here are some key areas to consider when evaluating what clock software you should invest in.

Applications and features

Time Clock Wizard

A quality program will do more than simply capture the employee’s work time. It will also show how to track any sick leave that a person used, as well as the paid license they built during the year. It should also allow you to automatically enter any paid vacation or overtime.


The main function of the Time Clock Wizard software will be an accurate report on the number of hours worked on a given day. In addition, you should be able to create salary reports that show the time worked during the pay period, as well as the wages received during this period.


One of the most important functions to consider when evaluating a program is its ease of use. A good system will allow everyone to use it easily, regardless of the level of their computer skills. Easy to learn programs ensure that everyone knows how to work with all functions and navigate correctly, creating fewer problems and more accurate reports.

Help and Support

Finally, the timer software should come with some help or support. Systems backed by companies with good customer service will allow you to solve problems quickly. It can also be useful when installing the program, as well as training your employees to use the system.