Hunting: tips for safe trekking

Hunting, the landscape and the omniscient man or how we destroy our future!

The following is an article analyzing hunting and our relationship to the landscape as revealing of our relationship to nature; and the urgency to reverse our ways of thinking and interacting with the rest of the living! Take pleasure in your interpretation and sense free  토토사이트 to go away your commentary!

Hunting, revealing our collective unconscious frightened face to the wild

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

Hunting is in Asia, a sport (sic) still frequently practiced. But no other sport kills and injures as much as the hunt, be it animals or humans. Nature becomes hunting days, the almost exclusive territory of a handful of people, rifle shots and bullets whistling. Beware if you dare to walk in peace in the wild, if you do not turn your way to the warrior guns and barking dogs, you may be the collateral victim .. Hunting accidents affecting hikers are certainly “rare” but walkers have not asked for anything. 토토사이트  They also seek to enjoy the wonders of nature, without killing however and also seek to exercise a hobby, without weapons as much. Hunting would be more legitimate as a leisure activity in nature, than hiking? Should a hiker be careful instead of one who carries a weapon, containing bullets capable of piercing the skull of a wild boar more than a kilometer away, and therefore the skull of a human being The hunter will claim, however, if a hiker is injured or killed, that it was an mishap and not murder without premeditation, but then the person who kills behind the wheel should also plead the hunting accident! Perhaps he would also get away with it, to better ride the next day at 180 kilometers per hour on a road limited to 80 kilometers per hour! In addition to being a dangerous activity for others and not penalized in case of an “accident”, hunting is involved in the killing of many endangered animals.

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