phases of DNA testing

Different phases of DNA testing

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After all the samples have been collected and labelled accordingly, they need to be sent to the lab for the DNA testing evaluation. At this point, the samples will be independently analyzed and DNA will be extracted from inside the cells within the sample. The same will be performed for both the other two parties to the test and the results of the DNA profiles will be compared. If you are the pet lover, and want to secure your pet in all way, you can also interrogate with the professionals on many terms like PET scan cost in hong kong.

The individual analyzing your results will be searching for a 50/50 split between your alleles, included within the DNA, between those located on your mother and dad. As you can just inherit genes carried by one or both parents, no alleles could be present in the child’s DNA, which are not present in that of either parent. Further to this, the results are processed through the right systems and a conclusion is reached, having coated 16 of the locus that are used as the template by which samples are matched.

When the DNA test is finished, the result will sent to the participants via email, letter, and fax or as otherwise agreed. The DNA test report must demonstrate the individual profile of each individual that filed a sample for the paternity test. In addition, the result should show the percent likelihood of the stated connection, such as in a DNA paternity test that is normally in excess of 99.99%.