Ghibli studio and characters – an overview

Even though there are many animation studios, the attention towards Ghibli animations are always considered to be higher. This animation studio has created more interesting characters which tend to have crazy fans all over the world. They have launched many animation films, short films, TV commercials and many. The most interesting thing is their creations were considered to be extraordinary. This studio has also made various achievements in the field of animation. They have also won many great awards for their achievements in animation. Because of their exclusive and interesting characters, they tend to have crazy fans of all age group.


This studio was launched in the year 1985. The studio is located in Koganei, Tokyo. The founders of this studio are Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Isao Takahata, Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. They are highly specialized in motion pictures, TV commercials and video games. It is to be noted that many animation experts have made great contribution to the success of this animation studio. In the early days, the studio has also made partnership in Disney and many other leading animation studios in the world. It can be said that their ventures have favored the growth of this animation studio to a greater extent.

Ghibli movies

Even though this animation studio has launched endless numbers of animation movies, spirited away is considered to be the most renowned one among their creations. Obviously this is the one which paid way for their success to a greater extent. This was also rated second in the list of top rated anime movies in Japan. In the year of 2002, this movie has also won Golden Bear award. Apart from these, they have created many other anime movies which include castle in the sky, My neighbor Totoro, Ocean waves and many.

Ghibli stores

The ghibli stores are the great dedication for the people who are highly passionate towards the Ghibli characters. There are more products which are made with Ghibli anime characters. Especially the products with Spirited Away anime characters are considered to be the more famous among the buyers.

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