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Adopt the necessary thickness

On tile labels, we often read the words “thickness: X cm”. Contrary to what we can think, the thicker the product, the easier it will be to cut. Being denser, cutting compensation is easier.

The thinness of a tile, to ask another, for example, is no longer a valid argument for the purchase. Prefer a model rather between 8 and 10 mm thick, even planning your doors.

carpet shops shrewsburyDefine the type of tile laying

Tiling is always stuck to the ground on a stable surface, concrete or old tiling. Be careful, do not put this type of flooring on a floor because you risk cracking with the movement of wood.

When we talk about the type of carpet shops shrewsbury , we talk about how we install the tiles on the floor. You can choose to lay your tiles straight, diagonally (especially if your room is not square or rectangular), checkerboard (different colors), or integrate “carpet” tiles in the ground for a stylish effect. There are many possibilities.

If you want to lengthen a space, the tiles must be perpendicular to the room, in the direction of the length. To shrink it is placed parallel to the main door.

  • Choose the joints of his new tile
  • The joints are more sensitive to the installation of the tiles. They may have a different color in some places, they are prone to grease stains and cleaning products.
  • There are different types of joints:
  • Epoxy seal: more expensive to buy but not prone to stains.
  • The resin-based seal.

Calculate the right surface and think of skirting boards

To buy the right tiling surface, you need the number of square meters of your room and an additional percentage of loss for the cuts. 5% for straight laying, 8 to 10% for diagonal laying, 10% for imitation tiles and 10% for offset joints.

The baseboards are also to be taken into account during your purchase. For the surface, we take the dimension of the pieces (along the walls) and a small percentage of loss. Often offered in the same colors as tiling, skirting can also be done in the tiles. It is advisable to lay non-aligned baseboards in tiles.

To know: tiling is a baked coating, the size is not exact, so always buy a tiling of the same bath.

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