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Is your hair fall leading you to the baldness? Are you tired of trying various hair care treatments but didn’t get any results? Maybe it’s the time, you need to grow for hair transplant. hair transplant involves many factors such as hair type, length, number of strands and cost e so make sure you choose a doctor fulfil all your aspects. There are various doctors who gives you services of بخاخ الشعر.

Hair transplant

In present scenario, most of the people know about hair transplant services but they don’t hold enough knowledge about it. People think that hair transplantation is expensive and painful process and that’s why they refuse to go for hair transplant in case of baldness.

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the body part of the donor called ‘donor site’ and are planted into the bald area of recipient known as ‘recipient site’. The donor can harvest their hair in two ways namely strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The receiver hence gets the appearance of natural hair and can see them growing. Once the hair is transplanted into the scalp of receiver, they grow naturally in grouping of 1 to 4 hair.

Hair transplant procedure

  • At initial, it is very important that you consult a doctor to know about your scalp and tell the doctor what are your expectations from this hair transplant surgery. You can consult about the density of hair, length of hair, cost per strand, type of hair you want and other important things. Moreover, these consultancy sessions also help in making your mind prepared for the transplant. Patient/receiver is asked to cut refrain from kind of drugs, alcohol or medicines because they can lead to poor grafting and survival.
  • The second step is to get hair for the transplantation. There are various hair transplantation methods such as strip harvesting, follicular unit extraction (FUE), Follicular unit transplant and robotic hair restoration. The scalp is shampooed and treated with antibacterial agent so that it doesn’t infect the scalp the receiver.
  • For the transplantation, androgenetic alopecia, eyebrow transplant and frontal hair line lowering or reconstruction surgery can be done (as per doctor’s suggestion).
  • After that post-operative medicines are prescribed to patient to prevent wounds and regulate the hair growth.

You can search for بخاخ الشعر to get the best doctor for your hair transplant services.

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