invisalign fleming island fl

Best way to get straight teeth

Invisalign bring highly comfortable, removable, and invisible aligners which gives very beautiful straight teeth which you have always wanted. Best part is no one will make out when you wear them. To understand, Invisalign is nothing but the invisible way available for straightening teeth even without braces. There are many services available for invisalign fleming island fl.

This is a method which makes use of series of removable, clear aligners for straightening teeth. In this method they never make use of brackets or metal wires. This method has been very effective and proven method in clinical research. This method is considered to be one of the best in orthodontic practices all over the world.

invisalign fleming island fl

Benefits and features:

In this method the person should wear set of aligners for at least two weeks. He should remove them when he is eating, brushing, drinking, and for floss. Later each aligner given will get replaced with the new one which comes next in the series. In this method, the tooth moves little by little, it is possible to see the difference weekby week. This process should be continued till the teeth are straightened as expected and they have reached their final position.

The person should visit once in every six weeks. This will help in ensuring everything is happening as per plan. It takes at least nine to fifteen months for this process to get complete. Usually the process makes use of 18-30 aligners on an average for entire treatment. But the time as well as the number of aligners used will vary from case to case basis. Hence there should be unique treatment plan for each and every person. Usually these aligners are made with 3-D computer imaging technology along with the high expertise of the professionals involved in the treatment.

One must understand that both Invisaling and the traditional braces are used for gently moving the teeth to achieve proper alignment. But there is difference when it comes to how actually the teeth are moved. In case of Invisaling, it makes use of lightweight retainers in series which are custom-made for every person. These are clear and highly comfortable plastic aligners which slip over the teeth. This method doesn’t make use of any wires or brackets. People can wear them day and night. But they should remove them when they floss, brush, drink, and eat. Every 2 weeks, the person will receive new set of aligners. The job of each set is to move the teeth gently to the right position which is the final step you wished for.

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