Singapore- The Country City that Will Make You Spellbound

Singapore is in southwest Asia, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The population is divided among Chinese, Malays, and Indians who have found a peaceful way of coexistence, however, many cultural differences are so evident.

The Chinese are the majority, even on account of which Singapore was expelled from the Malaysian Federation 50 years ago.

Isolated, the island that had no natural resources, had to invest in its people. The first thing that Singapore did was to remove poverty, which is why today 90% of the population lives in their own homes.

The government has made buildings to house the population living in slums, investing in public housing developments that exist and are run by the government to this day.

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In addition, the government also builds and finances the apartment for the residents, and the person has a lifetime to pay for the place.

For you, just to give a sense of the wealth of the country and the people, a Chinese who considers himself poor pays about R $ 1,800.00 a month in a popular building.

You want to bring memories of Singapore to the whole family but you do not want to spend a lot of money? You can definitely visit  Chinatown, or if you are in the Kampong Glam area, Bugis market.

The place where it is located was the most sordid area of ​​the city years ago. However, now this is the most famous covered market in Singapore and is best known for food deals Bugis.

You can find t-shirts, magnets, bags, … if you buy more than one, it will also be cheaper. However, you have to be patient, there are many people and the merchants are not particularly kind.

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