melanotan ii dosage


Dosage is everything!

          Looking great is every human’s dream and it has been going for centuries and the process is still continuing where very new and innovative products are coming up to meet the demand of the people. In one part of the world people want to reduce the production of melanin in their body, whereas on the other end of the world it is completely opposite where you can see people who want to achieve a tanned complexion. As far as the tanning medications are concerned, people have been asking how much melanotan 2 should I take in order to achieve the desired results.

It is injectable:

          The product called as melanotan 2 has become a very much sought after item in the mainstream population as it is shown to increase the production of melanin through certain peptide metabolic process where it enhances the production of melanin from within the body. This is an injectable medication which can be used by the person even without any external help. To start with the dosage suggested is about 0.3mg which can be increased after a trial.

melanotan ii dosage


          The injectable medication is an alternative to the process of sun tanning where people go out to the beach and lay the sun bed so as to intake the sun rays so that it can help in the tanning of the skin. But this is said to cause several harmful effects like skin cancer and other diseases. But with the injectable product this is completely avoided and is taken in right from the comfort of the home. This is taken in with the prescription of the doctor tat is a dermatologist who will recommend the right dosage for the person according to the skin condition and other such factors after examining the person thoroughly.

Consult a doctor before injecting:

          The person who is aspiring to achieve a particular skin tan should first consult the doctor and pose the question to him such as how much melanotan 2 should i take, the doctor would be able to tell you the right dosage for achieving the desired results.