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What Are The Features Of Oil Painting Class Singapore?

Oil painting is a type of painting that requires colors that have oil content in it. When the oil paint dries it gives a shiny look to the paintings. If you want to loan oil painting then you must enroll yourself in oil painting classes Singapore.

It is recommended for the business that they start with oil painting class singapore because the mistakes can be rectified easily through color layering. This is a very good step for the learners who want to develop their professional skills in painting. In this article, you will get to know about the secrets of oil painting classes.

The features

  • Versatile – the oil paint is used to paint in multiple layers. It can be diluted like watercolor or also can be painted directly. It helps to create different effects in shades. It also helps to make an opaque layer to rectify the mistakes.
  • Speed of drying – the oil paints are slow to dry but are not very slow. We can give you the details of a painting that you want.
  • Texture and strokes of the paint – the oil painting gives a good texture and gives even strokes. Once the strokes are dry they look smooth.
  • The intensity of the color – oil colors gives a better intensity when they dry. This is because of the oil content present in it.
  • The medium of the color – oil paintings have turpentine oil in them which makes it oil solvent.

These are the features of oil paints.