Protect the skin from stretch marks in pregnancy

A structured cycle of massages is also a cure-all for counteracting the stress that the skin undergoes while waiting for the newborn. The skin must be massaged and moisturized constantly, since stretch marks can arise due to the growth of the belly: the skin stretches and can stretch, creating furrows that are difficult to remove. Get started by looking up for massage gift cards near me.

Decreased swelling in pregnancy

During gestation, there is often a state of reduced blood circulation also linked to an increase in pressure on the major blood vessels. This situation is determined by the heaviness of the uterus and usually causes swelling of the joints and limbs, especially the lower ones. Thanks to the massage dedicated to pregnant women, the soft tissues are stimulated to decrease stagnant fluids in the joints subject to edema (swelling), improving lymphatic circulation and the disposal of residues and toxins from the tissues. Furthermore, it is good to remember that the lymph must be regulated for its function in the transport of proteins, lipids and essential substances for the body, and because it plays a part in the correct response to pathogenic attacks by our immune system.

Pain reduction

Protect the skin from stretch marks in pregnancy

The presence of pain during the so-called sweet expectation can be perceived above all at the level of the sciatic nerve, which undergoes the pressure of the uterus on the muscles of the pelvic floor and the lower back muscles. The pressure reaches the muscles of the legs and can cause not only swelling of the limbs, but also a strong pressure on the surrounding nerves, including the sciatic nerve. Maternity massage can relieve inflamed nerves and reduce muscle tension , thanks to manipulations designed specifically for this purpose.

Often specific products are used such as anti-stretch mark creams and massage can guarantee maximum penetration in depth. The maneuvers of the anti-stretch mark massageduring pregnancy they will be sweet, without excessive pressure but with suitable rubbing to massage the affected area until the cream is absorbed. In this way, moreover, the dead skin is removed from the superficial layers of the skin, practicing an exfoliation useful to replace the dermis with new cells.

Essential oils and irritating creams, which can cause skin problems, should be avoided, so the choice of products must also be made with care, always evaluating the indications for pregnancy.