custom acrylic displays

Get A Little Creative With the Acrylic Displays

In retail industry, sale of the product generally depends on a way it’s displayed. At present, there are various ways of displaying this product so that customers will be attracted to this and make the purchase. Of different ways, the acrylic is quickly becoming one best material to use in a display industry. Even though this looks very much like glass it cannot be very different. The designers are now opting for the custom acrylic displays over glass because of this being very versatile, light weight, as well as inexpensive.

Choosing Your Product

Acrylic is accessible in many different range, colours, thicknesses as well as strengths. It’s often used as the alternative for glass shelving since it is much lighter and simple to ship. Also, glass is one fragile material and will crack or break with the minimal pressure. However, acrylic is tough, this takes huge force to break this that is what makes Acrylic a person option for shelving.

custom acrylic displays

Acrylic also can be manipulated just by using heating for creating shapes and bends. The pocket displays are seen in the Estate Agents or Restaurants windows are generally made from acrylic. Pockets are just one piece of the acrylic bent round by using the applied heat for forming ‘U’ shape in which graphic fits. The easy and simple display solution is inexpensive and appears really great – what do you need more?


There are some boundaries to limitations of working out with the acrylic to create Acrylic Display. Some examples are Display Cases, Cube Displays, Plinths, Display Stands, or Freestanding Acrylic Pieces.

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