bashir dawood

Get all home appliances at one place

You want to shop any of the appliances for home in Pakistan then don’t waste time on search of the best brand. Get all the necessary home appliances at one place from bashir dawood who is the founder of Dawlance Premium Home Appliances Company. In Pakistan, Dawlance home appliances is the most leading brand and it is highly preferred the customers for its quality. All the home appliances of Dawlance were made in premium quality and they work fine for years.

  • Dawlance being the best brand in home appliances and the team of employees work hard by implementing their creative skills on making the products in good quality.
  • The life of the appliances of this brand will be good for many years without being low in their performance.

bashir dawoodThe main motive of Dawlance Company is to transform the houses of Pakistan into homelier living spaces for all sizes of families. So the founder of Dawlance worked hard on developing the home appliances gradually and taken to a global success. They have given more importance on providing the products of good quality to customers. Then with the advancement of technology they developed products with top-notched technology advancements.

Now they hold a top position in home appliances. Not only delivering quality appliances to the customers also they provide good customer services. They have team of members for providing services of their products in installation and if any problem occurs they will repair it perfectly. Be happy by making use of Dawlance home appliances.