What is the best place on a bus?

Make a choice. Hard responsibility! I do not think I’m the only one to take an eternity to make decisions and I confess you to be the type to hesitate for a long time between pasta or vegetables … Finally, all that to say that this summer I go on a bus trip … How it is The report ?! Do you know how many places there are on a bus? How many possibilities are available to me?

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In front of the bus

The front of the bus, the place “dreamed” for the sick in transport!

Indeed,  tour bus rental in Singapore motion sickness is caused by the influx of conflicting information reaching the brain when you move involuntarily. When you walk, your balance is permanently adjusted by a complex system including your eyesight and the inner ear. When sitting on a bus, your inner ear is stimulated by the vehicle’s movements. But your eyes only see the front seat, which creates a sensory conflict. One of the solutions to prevent this is to send coherent information to the brain. To do this, go to the front of the bus. By having a wider view of the road, you can anticipate vehicle movements and reduce symptoms. Do not worry, this place is not only dedicated to the sick, but the travel junkies can also enjoy accessing the most beautiful view possible! In front of you, just the horizon … Nothing stops you, you are the king of the adventurers (at least that’s the effect it gives)!

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